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Middle school & high school orientation

The orientation policy at EFIR aims to raise awareness among all students of the major issues posed by their future integration into the world of work. Its main objectives are to familiarize the student with their economic environment through the discovery of professions, to discover the different possibilities available to them thanks to the numerous training courses offered by the education system and to be able to evaluate their abilities by deepening their knowledge. self.

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The crossroads of professions

This event aims to nourish the knowledge of our students, in training courses and professional sectors in order to facilitate the construction of their project. It is aimed at all students from 3rd to 12th grade.

The students were thus able to be made aware of the discovery of professions as well as training paths by actively participating in a career crossroads, the last edition of which was held on February 5, 2022 and which brought together almost 100 representatives from various sectors. economical for just under 250 EFIR students.

It takes the form of interviews in small groups with speakers around their training and/or professional careers according to the students' interests.

3rd and 2nd year students were able to attend two conferences/presentations on 5 themes: diplomatic professions, health professions, technical professions, security-defense professions, administrative and commercial professions.


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