Financial Regulations 2023-2024

This regulation consists of specifying the conditions and terms of payment of fees linked to schooling and additional services which will be invoiced during the school year.

Each family who enrolls their children at the French International School of Riyadh is informed of the tuition fees and must be able to pay them.

The effective start of the school year for students is set for September 5, 2023..

If, however, for valid reasons (administrative formalities or other, etc.) a student could not be present on this date, the family would be required to officially notify us in writing at the address ( no later than 15.08 .2023 at the risk of losing the right to the place at the EFIR.


Tuition costs consist of:

  • Right of First Registration (DPI, concerns a new student)
  • Annual Registration Fee (DAI, concerns all students)
  • Tuition fees spread over 3 quarters
  • Miscellaneous costs

Link to price table: Price Table 2023-2024


Two scenarios:

1.1Registration of a new student:

Any pre-registration request is subject to right of first registration (DPI) for an amount of 1224.00 SAR / non-refundable tax. Once the pre-registration file has been closed, containing the required documents, and the DPI has been paid, the request will be studied.

Once admission has been declared by the head of the establishment, a payment notice will be sent to the family. The latter must pay the Annual Registration Fee, no later than the date stipulated on the payment notice.

The student's admission only becomes effective after payment has been noted by the billing department.

If the family decides not to send their child to school, the costs indicated above (DPI and DAI) will not be reimbursed.

1.2Re-registration of a student (having completed schooling from the previous year) :

To confirm the re-registration, the DAI of 4268.00 SAR/HT per student from the Early Kindergarten section to CM2 and of 4018.00 SAR/HT of the 6e at the terminal is required no later than 04/30/2023.

The re-registration of a student will only be effective if all tuition fees due for the previous school year and the DAI are paid.

If at the end of the school year the fees related to the student's education have not been paid in full, their re-registration for the following year will be canceled.

The DAI is not subject to reimbursement if the family refuses to register their child.


Prices vary depending on the level and nationality of the student.

Tuition fees remain unchanged for students who change nationality after the start of the school year.

Families that matter three or more children attending EFIR, benefit above the 2th child, a reduction of 25% on tuition fees. No reduction applies to the annual registration fee and the first registration fee.


3.1- Part of the school supplies is provided by the establishment and billed to families.

3.2- Additional costs related to exams : the National Brevet Diploma, the First Grade Tests and of Terminale are billed every 3e quarter.

3.3- Other school supplies will be the responsibility of parents, the list will be available on the EFIR website in June 2023.

Other fees may be charged to parents:

Loss or damage to the correspondence notebook, diary, textbooks and books borrowed from the library, as well as any other damage to equipment or furniture or educational and school life spaces.

Activities subscribed to as part of the establishment project: school trips, guided studies, football, swimming pole, etc.


A paid daycare service is set up to accommodate, subject to registration, on an exceptional basis and after studying requests, primary school children who are expecting a brother or sister who are busy with their school schedule.



Tuition fees must be paid in three installments at the start of each term, on an invoice made available to parents via the portal ( ) and according to the following schedule:

Each family or paying organization undertakes to respect the payment deadlines indicated above.

If regularization is not effective at the end of the school year, the head of the establishment reserves the right not to re-enroll the student.

A student is only authorized to participate in the various activities organized by the establishment if the fees related to his education are paid on the due dates.

Payment is made exclusively in Saudi Riyals by:

“Certified” check payable to “SAIS – French Section” made out in English or Arabic.

Transfer to strictly personal bank details, communicated on the invoice stub.

Bank transfer is the most recommended payment method by the establishment.


Right of First Registration

1224.00 SAR/HT non-refundable. The entire amount is due regardless of arrival date.

Annual registration fee

During the 1er quarter, the entire amount is due

During the 2th quarter, payment of 2/3 of the DAI

During the 3th quarter, payment of 1/3 of the DAI

Tuition : During the quarter, the month of arrival is due in full

  • 1er quarter, tuition fees are divided by 4 (Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec)
  • 2th quarter, tuition fees are divided by 3 (January/February/March)
  • 3th quarter, tuition fees are divided by 3 (April/May/June)

A child can only be admitted to the EFIR if the application fees, the annual registration fee and the tuition fees are paid.


Application fees (DPI): non refundable

Annual registration fee (DAI) 

The DAI is not subject to any reimbursement, regardless of the departure date.

School fees

  • During the 1er month of a quarter, the entire month is due, the following months are reimbursed with supporting documentation (reimbursement request + final exit or proof of schooling in another establishment in the network in Saudi Arabia and outside the city of Riyadh.
  • Beyond one month, the entire quarter is due.

For any questions relating to the financial aspect: information, invoicing, proof of payment, scholarship application, etc., please contact Ms. Karima MALLY at 966 920 00 83 22 ext. 7 or by email at


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