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The BCD (Library Center for Documentation) is open every day from 7:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

All nursery and elementary school students come with their teacher for a weekly loan according to a schedule defined at the start of the year. Depending on the level, students can borrow one, two or three books per week.

From CE1 to CM2, they also have the possibility of coming alone during recess to have a discussion or to read quietly. They find at their disposal numerous works adapted to different reading levels and able to satisfy their different interests.

The BCD is both a workplace and a place of personal enrichment for our students. We provide them with albums, novels, storybooks, documentary books, comics, and a wide choice of magazines. We renew part of our fund each year to enrich it and offer our students the possibility of having access to recent works but also to republished classics.

Activities are offered during the year to students to help them make this place their own, by learning to differentiate the works, to locate them in the BCD, by familiarizing them with the classification system, by giving them the tools to choose them, by stimulating them by reading stories (from the small section to CE1) which introduce them to authors, literary genres, works of our heritage.

The BCD manages subscription orders from the publisher “L’Ecole des Loisirs”. Many families adhere to this formula which allows them to provide their children with books for their personal library.

A regular place of passage, the BCD is also occasionally an exhibition space where students have the opportunity to present work carried out in class to all of their primary school classmates.

Reading is an activity that may seem difficult to some of our students but which promises wonder and discovery at all ages. Parents and teachers, by supporting them in their choice, by exchanging with them, by sometimes surprising them, we wish to lead them, each at their own pace, towards cultural richness, a development of their knowledge of the French language, of their oral expression , but also their ability to concentrate. Their different readings also give meaning to what they come to learn at school. Finally, and not least, books must allow them to dream and have fun!

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