In accordance with the texts which govern establishments contracted with the AEFE, several bodies contribute to the functioning of the EFIR.

Being a Parent Representative: Why?

The role of parents does not stop at the door of the establishment

Parents are full members of the educational community. Parent representatives participate in the school (primary), class (secondary) and establishment (primary and secondary) councils of the EFIR. All parents of students must have the same principle of action: to promote the well-being of all school, middle and high school students.

You want :

Give your opinion and make suggestions on the functioning of the primary school and on all questions relating to school life: internal regulations, school project, integration of disabled children, school catering, school hygiene, child safety , organization of complementary, educational, sporting or cultural activities.
You run for school council.

You want :  

Discuss questions relating to hygiene, health and safety, reception, information for parents and the general terms of their participation in school life. Give your opinion on the principles of choice of manuals and educational tools, on the creation of options and sections, on teacher training, etc. Vote on the establishment project and the internal regulations.
You introduce yourself to the governing board.

You want :

Being a link between teachers and the college/high school administration on the one hand and families on the other. Working with the class council, seek solutions to any difficulties encountered in the class. Represent families to the administration or the teaching team.
You offer to sit on the class council by sending an email to Mr. Saïd Boulmane (

Being a representative parent means being an involved parent.

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